Thursday, December 7, 2006

Dee's First Post!

Ok I guess it is my turn to blog now.

We are part of the Mighty Men, Women, and Youth (MMWY) for God at our church. Really it boils down to committing your life to God. Really striving to put him first. I know as Christians we are taught at a very young age when people ask “What’s important to you?” You are always supposed to say God first, but how many of us REALLY do that? I am guilty like everyone else I am sure. But for some reason this time is different.

As I say that I have an illustration. Last night (12/6) it is MMWY Wednesday at our church, Southbrook. Ok Wednesday’s are nuts anyway we try to get off of work, come home to walk the dog long enough for him to “do his business”, go get children from daycare while other half picks up food (if we didn’t make it the night before), RACE to church, to have enough time to eat and sign kids into Little Southbrook. Well when we signed up for MMWY Matt and I made a commitment to ourselves, each other, and the church to be there for every MMWY service. When things don’t go smoothly Matt and I have a tendency to say “This is too hard let’s just not go.” We refused to do that and boy to we get tested on that!

I thought I would be smart and run some work errands about an hour before “quitting time” so that I could run my errands and be ahead of the game to church (I guess I should really say ahead of the race). My first errand which should have only taken 25 min tops took nearly the entire hour!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Ok so I race to make my next stop. Oh well that only took 2 minutes YIPPEE Maybe I can get back on track. WRONG!!!! Then I hit downtown traffic but the traffic home was light. So I start this game in my head “Maybe I can make it . .. Oh! Crap! I’m going to be late!” Well by the time I got to 485 on Idlewilde I had 5 minutes to get home, let the dog do what dog’s do, get the kids and be on my way to church. Needless to say the typically 2 minute trip home became 25 minutes!!

I am supposed to pick the kids up by 6pm it was 6:25 by the time I got everyone and we were on our way to church. In my head I am thinking if I hadn’t made this commitment I swear I would turn around and go back home. But I knew in my soul that if I stuck it out it would be so worth it! And boy did God ever deliever!!

Well we got to church at 6:40pm just in time for service to start. We sat down ate our dinner, and then signed the kids in. We were late but we were there. I know what most of you are thinking, “Good Gosh after al of that how did you focus on the service?” For some reason everything fell away the moment I got to church. In fact as I was slurping the last little bit out of my straw (in service) Matthew began to give me the “Dad” look. You know “If you make that big slurping sound in church you are going to regret it Missy!” Of course I was trying so hard not to laugh!

Ok back to God delivering. I swear it was like it was straight out of a movie. Rob is preaching on “GO” one of the five purposes of our church. As he is I see God just envelope him with this heavenly light. He reached out and spoke directly to me. OK he did speak directly to me but his sermon was working in me as well. Go is one of the hardest one for me. No it isn’t hard for me to talk about Jesus but I seem to be surrounded by Christians. When I try to reach out I pray that God will give me words so I don’t sound “Preachy”. But I always feel like I fall so short.

I pray that God will use all of us (including me) to spread his news, to the hardest people of all to reach, the people we are closest too!

Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing from any of you who are out there!


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