Monday, January 8, 2007

First "G" - Glorify

We attend Southbrook and they are beginning a series called "G-Force". The series is based on the 5 core purposes of the Church and they are as follows:

Glorify: We want to love God by worshiping Him with joy and celebration!

Give: We want to show our love to others by serving them.

Go: We want to go and tell the world the Good News about God—that He loves us and wants us to know Him.

Grow: We want to help everyone follow God and become more like Him.

Gather: We want to identify with Jesus by becoming part of His community through baptism.

The most recent message was on "Glorify".
Pastor Rob broke it down and laid it out, like only he can. Let's break it on down further. (Props to Wikipedia for the definition)

Glory - (from the Latin gloria, "fame, renown") is used to denote the manifestation of
God's presence in the Judeo-Christian religious tradition. In Hebrew it would probably be the word הוד Hod. For example, see Exodus 24:16. It is also used simply to express God's majesty and honor, or God's miraculous power.

I really get fired up about that last part, expressing God's majesty and honor, or God's miraculous power. WOW! What do you think?

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