Monday, November 5, 2007

Have You Ever Noticed?

In an Andy Rooney-esque tone, "have you ever noticed that sometimes people can say things that not only make sense but really stick with you?" I can remember and have picked up a lot of maxims and rituals from other people that I still remember and use to this day. I once was told by a good pastor friend of mine, Ray, that it is best to learn from and emulate people and organizations that have had success and expand on that success. I do not want to just do something because someone else is doing it but if it works for them..... Anyway, after hearing Rob's message yesterday I wanted to try praying on my knees. I think I have a healthy prayer life, consistently set aside devotional time, and work on ways to strengthen my walk with Jesus every day. After praying on my knees last night and this morning the area of prayer just went to a whole new level. I thanked Him for our church and ALL the leaders, our family, our wealth, the skills and abilities he has given us, and many more things. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with something I cannot describe in words. A few that would come close would be awe, reverence, overwhelming joy, brokenness, humility, and love. I know it sounds like a whirlwind of emotions but it was more than just that, He showed up big time. I was not expecting that but I am so glad that door to an even deeper connection with His Spirit was opened. I am thankful for you Rob.
Thank you for sharing your heart, and rituals, with us. I would also like to thank you and the whole staff for opening your lives for His fame, His will to be done, and to reach out, touch, and move us all. Cannot wait to see what is next.

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