Thursday, November 15, 2007

Linda Richmond and I Would Say, “It's Like Butta”

Great post Rob. In fact the culinarian (fancy term for chef) in me would like to break it down further. I will use a cooking process as an analogy and, at the same time, explain where I came up with the title of my post.

As you may or may not know in cooking there are sauces, stocks, and other preparations made through a purifying process called clarifying. You know, the clear butter you dip your lobster in, or a really clear soup called consume’. Anyway, when clarifying butter or a stock you need an outside ingredient or source, be it heat or egg whites etc., to remove the impurities. Take butter for example. You start by placing butter in a saucepan over a very low heat, letting the butter melt slowly. As the butter melts, it will separate. The top layer is a foamy scum while the second layer contains the bulk of the liquid we want in the end product. There is a bottom layer which is where the water and the milk solids are. This natural separation is what makes clarifying possible.

Now the good part, and there are just so many ways I can go with this it is making me a little verklempt, talk amongst yourselves for a second. I will give you a topic, Microsoft Works is neither micro, soft, nor works, discuss. (Sorry, computer geek in me coming out ; )

Ok, in one of Rob’s examples of the pitfalls of “clarification” he said, and I quote, “Example Three: “That’s not what I meant by that! Let me clarify!” <– Truth? The first thing you said is exactly what you meant. It’s what comes next that ends up being the lie, but you’ve been found out, so now you need to “clarify.” WOW, that is exactly like the butter. It was originally real butter (the truth) but after it was manipulated, the scum (lie) came to the surface. One good thing is that the truth, the first thing that was said, is still in there somewhere.

So how can we get that back and in all things speak and seek the truth? Test everything against His Word and follow Christ’s example. He is the “heat source” that refines, cleanses, and removes any impurities (sin) in our lives. Isn’t it awesome to know that, even though we don’t deserve it, we are clarified (spotless) because of His sacrifice and His shed blood? We truly serve an awesome God. Oh and Rob, still got your back.

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