Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Than Just Another Year

I have got to hand it to you Rob, you did it again. It is awesome to see and hear how the Spirit inspires you. Dee and I have commented how often it seems like you are talking directly to us or speaking on a situation we are in. I was especially moved by the part in this post about the "everlasting supply of urgent things" and how we won't escape those things "until we see Jesus face to face". We have been struggling with distractions and spiritual warfare in our lives and have been pretty diligent not to let our joy or peace get taken away in those situations. (Finances, health, job, etc.) As Shakespeare put it, there is "the rub". If I am reading you right, to sharpen our future hindsight we must keep our focus on Him, walk closer with Him, read and hear His Word with open hearts, and lean not on our own understanding. (JKV there ; )

Thanks again Rob for your continued inspiration. YOU ROCK!

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