Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Three Ring Circus!

Ok I will be the first to admit I LOVE MY BORING LIFE!!!

I will also admit that I have watched those “Swap your wife” shows. They make me squirm. I do not have that much drama in my life and I like it that way. Peace and tranquility are my goal in my household. Well, some of you know that this past Friday (2/1/08) Carl, my 7 year old son, had pretty extensive ear surgery. Well, while we were waiting for Carl to come out of surgery I got a call from my 5 yr old son’s kindergarten teacher. She thought that he had had a mild seizure. I typically don’t panic but to hear the teacher’s voice I was concerned. So I had my mom go and pick up the children. Carl came out of surgery and then my mom and I flipped. She sat with Carl and I went with Will. Needless to say I spent 11 hours in the hospital. I was WIPED!
Thankfully to all the prayers that went up for my boys, they are fine! Carl is recovering well and we have moved Will’s appointment up for the Neurologist to this Thursday (2/7).

I want to thank everyone for their prayers! Our God is AWESOME!!!

I will pass on anything like this happening again because I love my boring life! I like watching a circus but not participating in one!!

See the previous post below if you are coming here from Rob's blog looking for my dating "horror" story.

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