Monday, February 4, 2008

Worst Date, Ever!

I don’t think many people know that Matt and I met online. Yes 12 years ago we met on AOL. I wasn’t into internet dating or chat rooms or anything like that and I don’t recommend it to anyone either!

In 1995 I tried this new thing called "the internet"! I had just completed an internship in New York City and I wanted to keep in contact with my boss(es) but didn’t want the phone bills. They did have e-mail, even back, then so I signed up of AOL. (It was the cheapest at the time and pretty much everyone with internet access was on dial-up) A friend of mine in college signed up at the same time I did. She began chatting on AOL with people and that progressed to “in person” parties. This is where you get to meet the people you have been chatting with online. Being the responsible friend I am I wouldn’t let her go by herself. BTW, I only went a total of two times, no really I did!

The first time I went to an "in person" party I met a gentleman who proceeded to tell me “He LOVED me” and “If he told me I had a beautiful body would I hold it against him”. This happened within 10 minutes of me entering the bar! I almost left right there but I stayed. At that same party I met this guy name Steve. Steve was a doll! OH and he smelled SOOOO GOOD! I spent a good long time getting to know Steve. He had beautiful brown curly LONG hair. When I say it was long, it was down to the middle of his back! I am a HUGE 80’s fan so when I saw he drove a Camaro, as well as having the Bon-Jovi "rocker" hair, I was hooked. (OK NO LAUGHING...YET!!)

We spoke several times over the next couple of weeks and made a date. We went to another party but sat in the back in a secluded booth. I have to admit that I was enamored with Steve. He smelled so good, had that "rocker hair" and was HOT! I couldn’t keep my hands to myself I had to run my fingers through his hair! That is when I realized that NONE OF IT WAS HIS!!!! This long hair was a WIG! No not a weave, not a toupee but a WIG!! Then he proceeded to tell me that I “discovered his secret”. I didn’t want to pull away in disgust but when he took the wig off to show me his scraggly hair I couldn’t help but want to scream like I had seen Frankenstein!

I excused myself to the restroom. My friend was also at this party so I found her and told her what had happened. As she began to laugh uncontrollably nearly peeing her pants, and tears flowing out both of our eyes we came out of the bathroom. I was trying so hard to find a way to tell him I was no longer interested in him. When he came up to me and said that someone told him I was crying over him. He said “he couldn’t handle someone who would get so attached to him so quickly and he didn’t think it would work out for us.”

I stood there stunned trying really hard not to laugh right in his face. I let him leave with his delusion and pride intact!

Needless to say I never went to another party again and I stuck to my small circle of friends to talk to online!

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Great post... bad date... lol