Thursday, January 25, 2007

Third "G" - Gather

I have been so busy with work and family that I have been slack in posting this week. I am sorry and will try to get back into a normal pattern of posting soon. (whatever "normal" means) I once heard a pastor say that things there really is no such thing as normal or "after I finish this life is going to slow down". Doesn't happen. He did say that it will slow down eventually, like when you die. I believe that it is going to slow down a lot then. After that it all depends on what God has planned for us in His Kingdom. That is my goal now too, seek His Kingdom. Geoffrey spoke Wednesday about simplifying and checking everything we do asking, is this action leading me to seek His Kingdom. Sounds like a good question to ask yourself constantly.

Great service this past weekend about the third "G" - Gather. I do not have my notes with me so here is a link to the message: Look at the lower right for the mp3 and podcast versions.

Have a good one!

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